headshotEvery person has a story. Michael Domino is passionate about his stories of people from all walks of life, and there’s no place like New York City for encountering an endless variety of stories to chronicle.

In Domino’s short stories, vignettes, and memoirs he captures the essence of life in one of the world’s greatest cities. Even though he has lived there nearly all his life, Domino remains constantly amazed at what New York and its people have to offer—and his wonderment shines through in his stories. They offer a refreshing take on the urban experience, where a simple “How’s it going?” can open the door to unknown surprises and a little compassion goes a long way toward forging unique friendships out of a sea of strangers.

Whether it’s a barstool, bus stop, park bench, or any number of places he might wander across while walking the streets of his beloved city, Domino’s willingness to engage with people is always rewarded in some way or another. In the hands of this skilled storyteller, these encounters will touch your heart and soothe your soul.

Some of Michael’s real life characters live in Park Avenue penthouses, while others survive on the city’s park benches, no matter – they all have tales to tell and this writer listens well and captures them all.

Read more of Michael Domino’s books. Please visit: https://goo.gl/gT5oDH

Index of Short Stories

Click here to read his latest book Park Avenue to Park Bench.  

Contact consciencecircle@gmail.com.


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